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My Military Service

I initially entered the Air Force in May of 1986

My Basic Training was 6 Weeks at Lackland AFB TX.

My Technical School for Personnel was 6 Weeks at Keesler AFB MS.

My first Duty assignment was to Dover AFB DE as a Personnel Specialist. I narrowly dodged an initial assignment to Keflavek Iceland as they had given me a job based on the supply career field, they re picked and gave me Dover AFB, still as a supply person. I arrived at Dover and was welcomed into the CBPO (Consolidated Base Personnel Office).

I was initially assigned to Manning assistance upon arrival and was a key person for the Base In processing function. After the first year I was given the duties of The Base Intro Monitor and was responsible for the Newcomers orientation. Because there was already a Robert Byrd working in this office I became "Bob Styles" and that became my way of telling whether someone knew me from the military. I also have fond memories of Robert bringing back wings from "Wings to Go" that opened their first store right outside the main gate. I remember him getting the suicide hot wings and smiling and sweating so much as he rapidly devoured them, once I tried them I became a fan too.

For my first exposure to mobility, I was assigned to the mobility processing line. I worked various personnel check stations and assisted with overall processing line functions for the first several years.

In the late 1980’s I became involved with the MANPER – B /CPCS, this was during its inception phase and i was able to provide operational input to AMC command personnel designing the system. It was my interest in computers that helped me to excel in this position,

I participated in Dover’s first deployed test of CPCS at a weeklong Combat Engineer training exercise (Base Recovery After ATtack BRAAT) training at Eglin AFB FL. There were a few people that helped me through that trip. We departed on a Friday morning and I remember my first encounter with my field cot was sometime Sunday morning. Lawrence Upson and Luis (last name needed) really helped make that week of training so memorable.

In 1989 I participated in exercise Flintlock at RAF Skullthorp in the UK providing PERSCO accountability. My stay was shortened as my Father died while I was there. It was a whirlwind trip back to Delaware. The flight home to the states my seat mate was a Rabbi what great timing. As a side note, we also saw a fighter jet go down. They did a pass by the chow hall, everyone went outside to see if they would come by again. They did, and we heard the action on the radio as the jet passed with flames out the rear of the aircraft. Everything seemed to stand still for an instance, the pilot ejected, and all hell broke loose as everyone raced to vehicles to perform recovery operations.







From October 1989 to May 1993 I was assigned to the Personnel Readiness Unit (PRU). My supervisor Silvia Ballard who was a Technical Sergeant at the time. During this time we had quite a few exercises as we were leading up to the base's IG inspection. Sylvia was a great supervisor and we worked so well together. We had the opportunity to re-set our operations as she took leadership of the PRU. She bought this huge wall paper map and our readiness team had some fun times painting and putting up the map in our 'War Room'. We really made it our own, little did we know that soon we'd be spending so many hours there, not for inspections but for real conflict.

We were processing PAX for an IG inspection in the days leading up to the Gulf War, At the in briefing for the IG that would be inspecting us we were told to stand down and go watch the news. We watched the bombing of Bagdad on TV that night and we immediately changed from ORI mode to Real World and were awaiting the OPORD – this was actually C-Day of the base’s ORI! I was the DAFB specialist for MANPER-B/CPCS during the gulf war, processing several thousand people, many times with short notice. During this time, I would see equipment scattered across the base when arriving for duty, at the end of the duty day most of this had been loaded and launched. At the height of the troop movement, every place on base was full of people waiting for airlift, including the gym. Even down town Dover had limited rooms available due to all of the people in transit.


In 1992 I participated in 2 week base ORI at Clinton Sherman airport, OK (Operation Sand Eagle, HQ AMC IG ORI Inspection). I will always remember our last night of the exercise as I was exhausted and as we were waiting for our C5, our flight back home, sleeping on the tarmac of the base. Not the first time I've listened to that distinctive whine of C5 engines that are my ticket back home.

I became one of the Personnel Systems Management Specialist at DAFB in May 1993 until I separated from Active Duty in March of 1996. We operated Unix mini computers. I continued to provide Readiness support and PERSCO support. 

I performed duties as the base Exercise Evaluation Teem (EET) member responsible for overseeing Personnel Processing and Deployed PERSCO functions.

I participated in Operation Provide Comfort II, Incerlik AB TU May 1995 through September of 1995

The crew:

(Dig out List)


Flying through Istanbul Airport (Young military with guns)

Baggage on the runway

GB Bar

Tent City


C5 Personnel Rotations



Memorable People from Dover AFB

"Terry" Leigh Hust

Sylvia Ballard

Robert Byrd

Lawrence Upson

JoAnn Skrok Mayton

Susan Richards

Connie Washington

Gail Harry-Brantley

Dwayne Harrington

Tina Pfister

Jean Zimmenski

John Corbin

Gary Wasmunski (Need to confirm spelling)

Mr. Richard Keesler

Furnace W Barnes

Johnathan Ireland

Luis - Need a last name here

... More to add as I remember...


I joined Delaware Air National Guard (DEANG) in 1996

I participated in numerous deployments to Gulfport MS. providing training to PERSCO members as well as providing deployment support

I participated in the DEANG Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) to Gulfport in 1999; the unit received a rating of Excellent.

My Guard Unit Commander called me in late December after returning from a family vacation to Disney, he asked me what I was doing next year, I was not sure what to say but he went on to tell me that several of us were activated and I would be back in the military for the next year, I was called back to active duty. After wrapping up loose ends with my employer (Atlantic Aviation) I reported for duty 7 January 2002.

As part of my return to active duty I attended MANPER-B school in Kessler in Mar 02.

Since I was called back to active duty I felt that I should do what I could to support ongoing operation and I volunteered to participate in exercise Balikatan ‘02 what was a mission in the Philippines that ran from April 2002 until 14 May 02. I supported the mission with my PERSCO skills. 

Balikatan Video - Part 1

Balikatan Video - Part 2

I was released from Active Duty in January 2003 and I continued to support the PERSCO mission as a Traditional Guardsman.

I provided training for Units tasked to deploy with our unit for the 2004 operational Readiness Inspection (ORI).

There were two Unit Training Deployments to Gulfport MS and one to Savannah GA for Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) Preparations

From 23 Apr 2004 to 1 May 2004 I Participated in the Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) in Savannah GA. our units Participated as a combined Active Duty, Guard and Reserve force. Our PERSCO function was tasked with 14 people total. My unit, the 166th received an outstanding for this inspection


in March 05 I provided augmentation support for staff assistance visit (SAV) / Pre-Operational Readiness Inspection for DC Air National Guard unit.

In March of 2005 I Completed Senior NCO Academy, Correspondence (Course 12).

In May 2006 there was a 166 Air Wing unit compliance inspection (UCI); personnel received a rating of Excellent.

In August 2006 I completed 2-day training course for DMDS (Rapids ID Card)

From 16 Apr 07 to 5 May 07 I was deployed to Ramstein AB Germany. this TDY was to support Operation Joint Forge. I worked Charge of Quarters (CQ) duties for C-130 Support Mission providing air support to various overseas theaters. During one of the weekends over there I was able to rent a car and took a car tour of the Rhine river and went to Stutgart where my friend John and his wife lived. I had met John when I was deployed to PI. It was good to catch up. My one lesson learned was that if I ever return to Germany I will rent a car bigger and faster than a Ford Festiva.  

Germany Trip Video -

From 31 October 2007 to 9 November 2007 I was TDY for an operational readiness exercise (ORE).

The following dates were trips to Alpina Michigan to prepare for our future Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI).
From 1 April 2008 to 6 April 2008.
From 28 May 2008 to 1 Jun 2008.
From 1 Nov 2008 to 7 Nov 2008
from 4 Mar 2009 to 6 Mar 2009

All of this preparation was put to the test from 28 Mar 2009 to 5 Apr 2009 This was the Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) Deployment to Alpena MI and Overall Excellent rating was received.

Memorable People from DEANG

Stephen Bauer

Curt Kimmel

Larry Kendall

Dione Infante

Todd Morrow

Chief Knotts

Travel buddy TSgt John Kauffman - Philipines/Germany

Forever in our heart and mind...

       MSgt Andrew Gerardi

       Major Steve Gooding

My ORI "Angels" Nancy, Monika and Karen

I retired from the Air National Guard on my birthday, Jan 30, 2011 with 25 years of service.




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