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360° Photos 


Use your mouse to turn the picture, left right or up and down

Images from a drive up Hooper's Island (5 July 2019)

Hooper's Island consists of several islands, starting here at the end of the road on Hooper's Island you can see lowers Hoopers Island that was connected to the rest of the islands, a hurricane in 1933 destroyed the connecting bridge. The 360 picture above is taken from where the road ends. The shot below is looking out over the lower island.

A still shot of the lower island

HoopersIsland_End Of The Road.jpg

The next panorama was taken just up the road at a little pavilion located across from steamboat warf.

This next view is from below (from the south end of) the long bridge that connects the islands, I stopped below the bridge as there was a set of osprey nests that I did not want to get too close to. I had a small bird investigate the UAV that had forced me to land earlier this session.

This vantage point is from the north end of the bridge.

Mid island

Mid island and PL Jones boat yard, Hooper's VFD holds the yearly boat rodeo here.

A still of the PL Jones boat yard

HoopersIsland_PL Jones BoatYard.jpg

The bridge out of (or onto) Upper Hoopers Island up to Golden Hill.

A still of  the bridge out of (or onto) Upper Hoopers Island up to Golden Hill.

HoopersIsland_Upper Bridge.jpg

Barren Island

HoopersIsland_Barren Island.jpg

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any Aerial video or photography.

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